Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Blues

1 Disember 2016 | KHAMIS

And today is 1st December! Welcome to the last month of the year! Phewwwwwww.

Semalam aku nampak dekat Fesbuk kot, someone wrote; ‘Sudah tercapaikan azam anda tahun ini?’

Hahaha me wondering apa ek azam aku tahun ni actually. Seingat aku nak setelkan azam tahun lepas. Then im wondering again, apa ek azam aku tahun lepas. Haa sudah! 😂

And I guess, me in December 2016, still blogging. Still being me. Crazy me, playful me, and cheerful me and photoshop-addict 😎

Nak buat azam tahun baru macam awal sangat. So yeah, let’s create more memories for the year of 2016 before it ends.

Awwww final year is tooo emotional for me. Feeling like crying sobsobs 😭😭

Yet, im still busy in doing my final year project,

In progress,

➔Progress Report,
➔Thesis writing,

#PrayforMarjana okeh?

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